PIZZAEXPRESS CLUB is our new membership programme that rewards our customers for doing what they love to do - eat at PizzaExpress.

How it works:

Step 1: Sign up online

Please visit any one of our PizzaExpress Restaurants to obtain Club Cards. If you are unable to visit any of our restaurants, please contact club@pizzaexpress.hk for assistance.

Step 2: Activate Card

Activate your card at the page of “JOIN THE CLUB” by entering the 20 digit numbers found at the back of the Club Card.

Step 3: Earn Dough

Show us your Club Card or use your registered phone number when paying and you’ll earn 1 Dough for every HK$25 you spend. The more Dough you earn, the more rewards you can get!

Step 4: Spend Dough

Whenever you visit PizzaExpress, just show us your Club Card when the bill comes and let us know what you want to spend your Dough on. You can use Dough to pay for some or all of your bill.



Quick Facts:

What is “Dough”?

Dough (dg) is the official PizzaExpress currency. Earning Dough is easy. You earn 1 Dough for every HK$25 you spend. And 1 Dough translates back to HK$1 when you go on to spend it.

1 Dough = HK$1

We’ll also give you additional Dough when you hit the following milestones:

  • activating your Club Card – 25 Dough
  • your birthday – 25 Dough
  • 10th visit each year- 50 Dough

What can I spend my Dough on?

  • Your next bill, including alcohol!
  • Donation to any of our charity partners