You don't have to be

in the kitchen

to make an impression

We admire and respect everyone involved.

Support Roles

When we talk about the great work that goes on behind the scenes, we don’t just mean in the kitchen. Our support staff are just as important to serving up a great experience to our customers. From creating innovative marketing solutions to making sure we have the right people to keep things running smoothly across the board – it’s all about bringing the PizzaExpress Yourself experience to life, inside and out.


Brand & Marketing

It’s such an exciting time to join our Brand & Marketing team. We’re redefining who we are and this is your chance to make sure we’re on fire! Our brand, our press coverage, our reputation is all down to you. We’re looking for leaders, not followers, people who can create benchmarks in marketing initiatives that will have the rest of the industry green with envy wishing they’d thought of it first. Is this you?

Finance & Procurement

Like any Finance and Procurement role, you’ll be analysing financial data, making sound commercial decisions, getting the most competitive deals and generally managing the dough. But you won’t be just a number to us. The PizzaExpress Yourself ethos extends to everyone, everywhere so we’ll expect you to express your personality too.

HR & Training

At PizzaExpress we’re all about people. We’re looking for a special kind of talent to bring our values to life – for employees and customers alike. So it goes without saying that it takes a special kind of talent to help us find, keep and train those people and ensure they perform at their best. Join us and you’ll discover just why HR and training is such an essential ingredient in our business.

Product Development & Quality Assurance

You will help us to source the most suitable ingredients to ensure that our pizzas are always delicious. You’ll also need to be creative and think of new dishes and wow our customers, then they will always think of us when you think of Pizzas.