Different countries.

Same standards.

One unique experience.

We have over 500 restaurants around the World. All of them serve beautiful pizza. Made in the same individual way.

We’re international

We don’t just serve up beautiful pizza in Hong Kong and the high streets across the UK. We do it abroad, too. We have hundreds of restaurants around the world. You can see them here. All of them serve the same, gorgeous pizzas. And all of them do it in the same, unique style.

Because what we do here, we do there too. It’s plain to see, straight away. The big, open kitchen. Still front and centre. The highly trained Pizzaiolos. Still tossing the dough. Working that oven. Running the show. Still making your pizza by hand. Just for you. With the same fresh ingredients. Prepped every day. Just like here.

As for our menu: well that’s the same, too! With a little extra on top. Which means you have a decision to make. Option one: you can choose your favourite. You already know it well. And you know that it’s made with exactly the same love, care and attention. Wherever you are. Option two: Try something new. Because our overseas restaurants have some special additions. A few extra dishes. Carefully chosen to delight local palates. Expertly made by the same Pizzaiolos. With the same skill. And the same care. The ingredients are just as fresh. Just as mouth-watering. Just different, that’s all.

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